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The amazing success of this event is because of the huge hearts and serving nature of the truckers in this industry, and the incredible support from our industry partners and companies.  Here is a list of who is pre-registered to join us:

Registered Participants to date:

Jeramand Trucking (8)
– Delphis Arseneau
– Mike Theriault
– Steven Roberts
– Shane Wilson
– Sergey Kurashin
– Kyle Rogers
– Jeremy Boudreau

Art Jones – Road Wolf Trucking

David Sears Jr.

Midland Transport (10)
– Dave Sooley
– Teresa Joudrey

East Coast International (1)

– Jeremy Cleghoin

Armour (6)
– Brent MacLeod
– James Chambers
– Camille LeBlanc
– John Chambers
– Guy LeBlanc
– Susie De Ridder

Nova Truck Centres
– Sheila Williams

David Vautour

Tim Betts & Melissa Stronge

Quality Transportation
– John Mather

Atlantic Pacific
– John Strayhorn

Polar Industries
– Shane Murray

RD Read Trucking
– David Read
– Bradley Read

Atlantic Pacific
– Jeff Beliveau
– Julien Savoie
– George McNamara & Jodie

BnB Environmental(2)
– Jake Bernard

Dynamic Towing
– Ari Sawyer




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