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What began in 2008 as the brainchild of professional driver Rachele Champagne as she motored down the 401 one night in a small convoy including two other female drivers, originally raising funds in the fight against breast cancer, has now grown into a North America-wide event.   5 Convoys are now hosted including the original in Cornwall, ON; and now in Edmonton, AB; Dallas, TX; Prescott, ON; and of course in Moncton, NB.



The Atlantic Provinces event is hosted and organized by a dedicated team of volunteers.  The scope of the donations was expanded in 2012 to include not only breast cancer, but the other 3 top cancers most affecting Atlantic Canadians; colon, lung and prostate cancers.  Several smaller events are scheduled throughout the year offering exposure for the cause, community involvement, volunteer opportunities and increased benefits.  The Convoy itself is planned for Saturday, August 19th 2017.


2009 & 2010  –  The Moncton Convoy for a Cure was organized by Caroline Wood and Roxanne Doran Smith.  The event was held for 2 years in support of Breast Cancer Atlantic and boasted a fantastic turn out and impact.

2011  –  The torch was not passed & unfortunately a Convoy in the fight against Cancer was not hosted in the Atlantic Provinces.

2012  –  Mike Oulette asked Jo-Anne Phillips if she would be interested in resurrecting the event, and they did.  With a fantastic committee including Carol Mason, Shelia Williams, Lionel Clark, Jim Campbell and Tracey Sherwood, the 3rd annual convoy was held.  The committee voted to change the recipients of the funds to include the colon, lung, and prostate cancer foundations asking that the funds be directed towards Atlantic Canada’s initiatives & programs. More than 45 units joined in the Convoy, raising in excess of $25,000 – all donated to programs right here at home.

2013  –  Carol, Tracey and Jo-Anne remained the driving force.  We took on our first raffle and sold tickets all summer on a 2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide Motorcycle at; The Greater Moncton Home Show, Speedsport East Moncton, the Atlantic Truck Show, Atlantic Nationals, Moto Moncton, Salisbury Days, Shediac Motorcycle Rally, APTA Golf tournament and World Wine & Food Expo.  Duane Sutherland was the winner!  The Convoy included 35 units, and over $20,000 was raised.

2014  –  We were fortunate enough to have met Charlie Taylor at last years APTA Golf tournament, he has come on board as one of the key organizers.  Now with four of us leading this fantastic group we are really excited for the impact.  Although this was a tough year for Moncton with the RCMP officers killed in June, the community pulled together in many ways, including our event with 23 registered units, 14 survivors, 14 CAV and 3 first response units.

2015  –  Another raffle year for us & Norbert Robichaud From Sackville won $4500 in our draw.  The prize was originally a lovely cottage donated by Jeramand, so the tradeshow exposure was a little modified.  We did not attend as many market locations, but were still able to provide sufficient exposure to have an impact.  The day of the convoy was amazing weather; 23 trucks, 3 Fire, 14 CAV and 24 volunteers.  we continued efforts at the World Food & Wine Expo in Moncton bringing our total raised to $24,000.

2016  –  With a change in the route and closing venue, we saw record numbers in attendance.  73 registered units, 3 fire, 1 ambulance, 3 RCMP, 18 CAV, 26 Survivors and 35 volunteers.  We were busy through the year selling raffle tickets on the $5500 playhouse from Jeramand Barns & Garages, which was won by Suzanne Gagnon of Moncton.  The weather was perfect, and we are super appreciative for the support from Moncton Fire Department for their show, 18 again for their performance and our amazing guest speakers.



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