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Make a difference and give!

Your support of this great community event is appreciated not only by the organizers, but by all of your friends, family and neighbors.

It is our promise to invest at least 90% of your donation to the Breast, Colon, Lung, and Prostate Cancer Foundations in support of awareness, prevention, treatment and finding a cure. No more than 10% will go to support Convoy For Hope Atlantic (administration/operation costs only). All of the individuals involved in this great fund-raising effort are doing so as volunteers and will receive no financial or material compensation.

All donations of $20 or more (accompanied by a first & last name and a full address) will receive a tax deductible receipt.



“Funds raised from Convoy for Hope Atlantic support Prostate Cancer Canada’s critical work in the development research, and programs that benefit men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Monies raised also ensures that the Prostate Cancer Canada Atlantic office gets what it needs to support the foundation’s mission.”

Fallon Jones
Events & Development Coordinator | Prostate Cancer Canada


“The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Atlantic Region is dedicated to funding relevant and innovative breast cancer research, and supporting and advocating for the breast cancer community. Since opening our doors in 1997 we have awarded over $23 million in research grants, community health grants, and studentship awards, right here in Atlantic Canada. We do not receive government funding, so we rely on generosity of individual donors, community fundraisers, and corporate partners to drive these successes.

As a result of the significant investments in research that the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Atlantic Region has made across the region, Atlantic Canada has grown to attract many promising breast cancer research projects. Moreover, there have been ground-breaking discoveries in this region that have been recognized internationally for the impact that they play in the world’s knowledge and understanding of breast cancer.

And these results are not only noteworthy – they are changing the future for everyone. Together, the discoveries that are being made are leading to improvements in the way that breast cancer is detected and treated across Canada, and around the world.

Additionally, we continue to lead a number of projects that benefit women and men across Atlantic Canada. For example, over the past five years, we have been working with the public libraries in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island to develop collections of breast cancer resources. We recognize that when Atlantic Canadians are faced with a breast cancer diagnosis they often have many questions. Our goal was to put the information needed into public libraries across the region.

By working together with the libraries, as well as grassroots partnership organizations in each province, we have developed collections of books, ebooks, and DVDs with topics ranging from how to talk to children about cancer, to information on diet and nutrition during treatment, to coping with personal relationships after treatment.

With the support of fundraisers like Convoy for Hope – Atlantic, we have purchased over 3,500 resources, and invested over $144,000 in this project. And now these resources are playing an important role in helping patients to make informed decisions. Equally important, their family and friends will have access to the information to help them better understand the disease and their role in the journey. And the fact is, this work is making a real difference – right here, right now. By funding meaningful education initiatives and programs that build on the continuum of care, we are able to meet the needs of breast cancer patients, survivors, as well as their family, friends, and support teams.”

Gillian Zinck
Senior Development Officer
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Atlantic Region


Lung cancer is Canada’s most common cancer. It takes the lives of more Canadians than any other cancer – leaving 2 holes in families every hour. In fact, more Canadian’s will die from lung cancer than breast, prostate and colorectal cancer combined! Since 2014, lung cancer’s five-year survival rate in Canada has hovered around 17%. Of the major cancers, this is the lowest rate by far (prostate = 95%, breast = 88%, colorectal = 64%). *
For lung cancer, there are many needs and many “increases” need to occur: research, awareness, education and support. With the tremendous support of Convoy For Hope – Atlantic, Lung Cancer Canada has been able to help continue its mission to bring about hope and change.

Increase in research funding is key!

Lung cancer research and treatment are seriously underfunded as it receives less than 1 % of the nation’s private cancer donations. Despite this, meaningful progress is underway. Canadian researchers are part of exciting advances, including targeted drug therapies. Latest data suggests that both quality of life and longevity are improving with these new treatments. Other steps forward include the development of high-precision radiation, robotic surgery, other minimally invasive surgery techniques, and recent evidence supporting low-dose CT scans as an effective screening tool for the disease.

Convoy For Hope – Atlantic is a partner in this research. Lung Cancer Canada, the Convoy For Hope – Atlantic and the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Institute have partnered with two provincial associations, the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation and Dalhousie Cancer Awareness Research Society, to provide lung cancer focused research opportunities to students in eastern Canada. Two studentships have been funded. In New Brunswick, second year medical student Ethan Toumishey is the recipient of the award and undergraduate Shonara Gibson is the award recipient in Nova Scotia.

Working together to increase Lung Cancer awareness support and education!

Convoy For Hope – Atlantic has been instrumental in our ability to increase lung cancer support materials for lung cancer patients and their families. Over the past few years we have distributed over 15,000 “A Patient’s Guide to Lung Cancer” – the go to resource for lung cancer patients and caregivers. We have also distributed thousands of lung cancer fact sheets throughout the country to patients, caregivers, health care professionals and clinics. Our peer-to-peer network, Face to Face is launching this fall. Our goal is to touch all those that are newly diagnosed to ensure that they and their families are supported throughout their cancer journey.

With the support of our partners including Convoy For Hope – Atlantic, Lung Cancer Canada has been able to increase awareness! Media campaigns have allowed our messages and the faces and voices of families living with lung cancer to be seen and heard across the country. Members of our Medical Advisory Committee have presented at the Federal Standing Committee on Health. Our needs on screening, personalized medicine and research funding have been presented to both provincial and federal government officials. Recently members of our Medical Advisory Committee have presented at the Federal Standing Committee on Health. Lung Cancer Canada has also hosted MPP and MLA events in order to generate awareness and bring together elected officials with the faces of their constituents who are affected by lung cancer.

Most importantly, there needs to be an increase in survivor-ship. With the help of the dedicated team of passionate volunteers and committed partners that contribute to Convoy For Hope – Atlantic, lung cancer patients, their families and caregivers have more hope that this is a possibility.

Shem Singh
Executive Director
Lung Cancer Canada


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